How To Write A Good Meta-Tag Description

A meta-tag description is a 155-character description of a particular page of your website. It is seen underneath your page title in a search engine and should be captivating, interesting and motivate the web surfer to click the link and visit your page. While this description is not the most important aspect of creating search engine optimization, it is an essential part of a fully-optimized web package.

The Meta-tag is placed in HTML and placed for search engines as the tags are rad by search engine crawlers to gain more traffic to a particular web page/website as well as to gain a higher page ranking in search engines (according to seo la). Web surfers cannot actually see the code, though the description and title is very visible to them when they type in a particular term into a search engine and find your website.

Say all in your Description

A meta-tag description should be completed for each and every page on your website. The description should contain your selected keywords inside of it as well as in the title. It should precisely detail what the reader will find upon clicking the link. Because the space is limited in description creation it is essential that you keep it short and sweet. Make a point without saying too much.
Keywords selected for the page should be those that are highly-searched for by those surfing the web for the product or service. This information can be obtained with a keyword tool such as the one offered from Google. The keyword should not be the same keyword used in your web content. It should be specific to the exact page that you are promoting.

Your title should be between 4 and 12 words. It should contain the keyword and detail what the content will offer. The title should not simply repeat keywords and should provoke the reader to click.

Benefiting Search Engine Optimization

Creating a compelling meta-tag description is something that can greatly benefit your page ranking in a web page. Keywords are king in search engine optimization, and well-written descriptions with the keywords will help your page get noticed.
When you create the descriptions and encrypt the codes into your HTML you can attract many more customers and traffic to your business. Google, Bing, Ask and the many other search engines will love the quality they see when you take the time to create amazing, eye-catching descriptions. Whether it is a website or your blog, the meta-description is a helpful tool that can help you reach your website’s fullest potential.

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